30 Minute Single Session $250

It's amazing what can be done in 30 minutes! Tanja and her amazing Tribe of Light Team will envelop you in the energy of peace, trust, support, and clarity so you can simply BE in all that you are doing. Detox the stress from your cells which keeps your body feeling heavy and tired. Change the thought patterns that keep you tied to the illusion of stress, and ground your being into the power of the present moment where only peace prevails. These powerful sessions will help you to no longer feel like you’re stuck in the never-ending cycle of stress. It's time to reclaim your power to create a life and lifestyle that light you up and give you the space and time to do the things you truly love.

60 Minute Single Session - $500

All of the above! PLUS you'll also have the option to receive either: Tanja's Signature Quantum Fibre Optic Cord of Light Timeline Clearing Activation, or a Wayward Energy Clearing for all your Earth timelines and also for your ancestors, or a DNA Activation and Realignment Attunement. Get Ready to Create Some Major Shifts with this Powerful Deep Dive Session!